Dartbrooke Coffee is a boutique offering a range of specialty grade coffees roasted by hand. The beans are only ground on demand to give the best possible flavour in every cup. Our friendly staff are happy to guide you through the array of coffees so you can find one we hope you’ll love.

We believe in raising our ethical standards wherever possible. At every stage in the process from the farms and their workers, to the milk and the cups they go in, and finally our waste, we always ask ourselves how we can do more.



Our sustainable relationships are the pathway to high ethical standards and consistent bean quality on coffee farms. The producers that we work with adhere to International Labour Law and have each pledged a commitment to environmental sustainability and local community projects as a minimum standard. Every year the farms undergo an audit to ensure this is maintained as well as assessing a fair cost of production for the coffee. We then ensure that at least 20% profit is added on top, often well above the market average so that there can be continued investment in the issues both parties care about. Whilst many of our partners hold certifications including Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Cup of Excellence we are aware that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all and so assess each producer individually.


Our dairy partners are passionately committed to the welfare and happiness of their cows. They have invested heavily in Freedom to Choose meaning that cows are not forced either inside or outside on any particular day to meet certification requirements. Having pioneered this new standard in animal care their cows can choose between sheltering in a cosy barn or roaming an open field. Consequently the milk cannot be certified organic. We also feel strongly that calves should be able to remain with their mothers and so can be seen side-by-side until they are a number of months old.

Packaging and Waste

Our cups are made from renewable resources and are fully recyclable. Please choose to recycle your cups wherever possible. We have also partnered with a bio-fuel company that takes our used granules and filter papers to convert them into high performance products and clean fuel.